Bytengine HTTP API allows you to interact with the server using your favorite HTTP client library or application.

Quick reference

URL HTTP Verb Functionality
/ GET Welcome message
/bfs/token POST Get an authentication token
/bfs/query POST Send a BQL request
/bfs/uploadticket POST Get a file upload ticket
/bfs/writebytes/:ticket POST Upload file
/bfs/readbytes POST Download file
/bfs/direct/:layer/:database/*path GET Content static serve

Welcome message

Returns a welcome message from Bytengine. This url is usefull for checking if you’re connected to the server when writing clients in your prefered language.


curl -X GET http://localhost:8500/

Return Value:

    "bytengine": "Welcome",
    "version": "0.2.0"

Get an authentication token

Gets an authentication token from the server that must be included in POST requests to interact with content.


curl -X POST \
    -d 'username=admin&password=password' \

Return Value:

    "data": [token as a string],
    "status": "ok"